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About Us


BJC Consulting Services, a privately held Corporation, providing high quality, advanced business management software systems to various type organizations. BJC Consulting Services CEO, YL CHEONG, comes from a business  management consulting background and founded BJC Consulting Services to build an entirely new type of business system from the ground-up. The software that resulted uses Microsoft technology to solve data integration issues with an all-in-one system, seamlessly integrating all areas of business operation, in real-time.

BJC Consulting Services
is a typical when it comes to comparing it to other enterprise-solution companies. Our approach is more individually focused rather than mass-produced. In addition to traditional planning, implementation, training and support services, BJC Consulting Services provides a range of customized services designed to serve the more complex business requirement. These services include custom development, integration with others legacy systems, and integration with alternative points of presence.




At BJC Consulting Services, we provide our clients with proven, state-of-the-art technology enabling them to gain an edge over their competitors. Our commitment is to constantly provide businesses with the best technology with the highest quality service possible.


Our various internal departments work together to give your business the attention it deserves. Once you have become a BJC client, you will immediately be assigned to an implementation team who will work intently to learn all aspects of your operation. This will ensure that your transition onto BJC Command Business Software, the software is as efficient as possible. With the assistance of a qualified BJC trainer, your staff will also undergo a complete, in-depth training on our user-friendly system.



At BJC, we understand the needs of the retailer and are eager to assist you in any way possible. Upon your go-live, our professional customer support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have and to troubleshoot any minor issues you may experience.



BJC Consulting Services now offers complete business software as a Service model. This approach reduces the investment and system administration expenses required in a traditional ownership based software model while leveraging streamlined procedures for configuration and deployment. A subscription model, utilizing the best features and technological aspects of BJC Consulting Services, the software as a service approach is a flexible, scalable option with a cost-effective pricing structure designed for the small to larger business operations as well as those poised for substantial future growth.



BJC Consulting Services delivers extended functionality through product integrations with the following vendors and services, such as ECPOS and ECSOFT.